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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Hands up all those who tried to make a balaclava from a plastic bag as a child. Now hands up those who'd let their children do the same. Attitudes to safety change and evolve and it's high time that our reckless online behaviour gets a bit more savvy. Whether it's security at a national, organisational or individual level, we need to change our habits or we leave ourselves sitting ducks to criminals and opportunists.

Join us as three leading experts discuss the threats to us as individuals, organisations and society and give us sound advice for protecting ourselves and our accounts online.


Clare Lain, UK representative to the NATO's cyber defence arm in Tallinn

Mike Richards computer security lecturer at the Open University

Pedro Martins from LastPass

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Pedro Martins


Pedro is an Information Security Consultant at LastPass, an award-winning password manager that stores encrypted passwords online, helping IT be more secure, maintaining compliance, and implementing innovative Security Strategies across the Enterprise.


Clare Lain

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Clare is the UK Senior National Representative at the NATO Co-operative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence which supports member nations and NATO with cyber defence expertise in the fields of technology, strategy, operations and law.



Standard Ticket

£20 + booking fees



7.00pm to 8.15pm




Notting Hill

 10 Golborne Road,


W10 5PE

Nearest Tube: Westbourne Park

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Mike Richards


Mike Richards teaches about fundamental technologies and social issues related to computer security at the Open University. He is the co-creator of a highly-successful free online course in computer security fundamentals developed alongside the UK government. He has also been involved with international initiatives raising public awareness of cybersecurity in the Gulf States and East Africa.

Eleanor O'Keeffe


A co-founder of 5x15, Eleanor previously directed a number of literature festivals internationally. She holds a PhD in 17th century Irish history, which has equiped her perfectly for techno-perplexion.


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